Spidi, the backhoe loader to face the heat: Terranet, J-Tracker and X-Force

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Fresh and with style. The “summer operation” of Spidi it also passes through the Terranet Windout jacket, J-Tracker pants and X-Force gloves. We tried them on several day trips in the Langhe and on a trip to Gallipoli on a Bmw R1250 RT. The three accessories share the same philosophy linked to lightness, allow excellent ventilation and breathability, without sacrificing the protection of the motorcyclist.

In the jacket Terranet Windout, Spidi’s designers and specialists have reduced everything to the essential. The closure takes place with a central visible zip, covered by a flap with velcro in the only part of the hook, at the height of the belt. The closure on the neck is entrusted to a flap with button, which hooks its correspondence fixed on a strap, in turn fixed on the collar through a velcro strip. A solution already used on other Spidi jackets (such as the Netrunner), which allows you to find the right width for each type of clothing: with this attachment system, the motorcyclist can avoid sliding back and forth in search of lost balance, relying on the width already set by moving the velcro along the collar. At the waist, the adjustment takes place via velcro.

The Terranet is designed for the summer. The front is crossed by a mesh with a trapezoidal design, which covers the bust, from the shoulders to the waist, where there are two pockets with vertical insertion and flap closure entrusted to two velcro strips. The capacity is good, but it is better to avoid filling them with bulky objects to avoid the “pouch effect”. For the chest, the adjustment of the width is entrusted to two sliders on each side, in the usual position on the profile, under the armpit.

The sleeves have one double strip of “mesh” fabric along the entire front and back of the arm, connected by a 6.6 mm Extra Tenax Nylon part that follows the line from the shoulder to the wrist. The adjustment of the width is entrusted to a slider on the bicep and a button (only one position) on the forearm. The cuffs have Velcro closures.

Photo: Maurizio Bosio

The rear repeats the same ventilation system as the front, but with enlarged “T” shape, from the shoulders to a few centimeters from the belt. At that point, there is a horizontal pocket with zip closure, convenient for storing flat objects (such as the motorcycle booklet) or the waterproof membrane WindOut supplied with the jacket. Yes, because running a lot of air could be a problem on cooler days, or even just when traveling early in the morning or when the sun has set.

The interior is mesh, with a single Napoleonic pocket on the right, with button closure. A more than acceptable choice, considering the need to reduce the size and weight of the jacket. The protectors on elbows and shoulders are soft and do not bother when driving. Only the housing of the back protector has raised some perplexity: it is a mesh pocket open downwards, without the possibility of closing. There protection is attached to the jacket through velcro. To tell the truth, in the test it never moved, but the fear is that in a possible collision it could slip away, due to friction.

THE J-Tracker pants they look like jeans, but the fabric is a blend cotton-cordura. The shape is a classic five-pocket, with two almost invisible zips at the side of the knees to make it easier to insert the protections. On the hips, then, there are two other internal pockets for the positioning of the protections (optional) for the hips. The closure is with a button at the waist and a zip. At the waist, loops allow you to insert standard-sized belts; on the back, in the center there is also a horizontal loop for attaching the ready-made jackets.

Photo: Maurizio Bosio

THE X-Force gloves they are made of leather and fabric, with a ventilated triangle on the back of the hand between index and thumb, as well as ventilation holes around the soft protection strips along the fingers. The fit is enveloping, the closure is via velcro and zip. But the system is nothing short of brilliant: the zipper is transversal on the back of the hand and the cursor is fixed to the movable flap for closing with velcro. The result is that a movement is enough to open or close the glove, allowing you to wrap the cuff of the jacket without going crazy every time as can happen with other summer gloves, equipped with a low “collar”.

Photo: Maurizio Bosio

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The jacket is light and let a lot of air through. To understand how ventilated it is, just do the “tunnel test”, where the temperature is always cooler: the air arrives and circulates enough to guarantee comfort even on the hottest days. Of course, when it is 30 degrees, “water cooling” would be needed, but we cannot expect miracles from a jacket. But the Terranet does its job, also offering comfort and style. Yes, because it is not mandatory to dress like a Viking to feel like a biker. This jacket takes a bit of the idea of ​​the Netrunner, with shaped lines and a design projected into the future. The protections are soft, a particular worthy of appreciation considering the very light clothing of the summer season.

There inner membrane is very thin, protects from light rain, but above all from the air in cooler mornings and evenings, but does not retain body heat. Spidi made this choice to characterize the product: Terranet is a summer jacket, period. Unlike Netrunner, it can be used over a longer period of time, thanks to the waterproof membrane that can also be worn over the jacket. In this way, the body heat can be stored longer.

THE pants are a “featherweight”: it seems to be wearing a pair of “normal” jeans, the protections on the knees are very soft and do not make you regret the choice of safety even with temperatures close to 30 degrees. The pockets (front and back) are roomy and well arranged, so much so that one is tempted to fill them, even if traveling by motorbike it is a good idea to avoid the “hamster effect”, with objects that could limit movement or “focus” on the groin attachment.

Photo: Maurizio Bosio

THE X-Force gloves they are comfortable and have a locking system that alone is worth the price of the ticket towards the “Spidi dimension”. The only drawback: the very poor reactivity with touch screens, despite the dedicated flap on the indexes. Nowadays, mobile phones are also used as satellite navigators and being able to control displays without removing gloves is a matter of safety.


Terranet: € 299.90

J-Tracker: 159.90 (long or short), 179.90 (Tech) euro

X-Force: € 109.90

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