Stellantis-Factorial agreement for the development of solid state batteries: more autonomy and safety

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TURIN. Stellantis and Factorial Energy announce the signing of a joint development agreement to implement Factorial’s technology of high voltage solid state batteries for traction applications. The agreement also includes a strategic investment by Stellantis. This was announced by the automotive group in a note, explaining that Factorial has developed an innovative solid-state technology, focused on the key problems that hinder the large-scale adoption of electric vehicles by consumers: autonomy and safety.

During EV Day, held in July 2021, Stellantis announced its goal of introducing the first competitive solid-state battery technology by 2026. Factorial advances are based on FEST (Factorial Electrolyte System Technology), which exploits a proprietary solid electrolyte material, ensuring safe and reliable cell performance thanks to high voltage and high capacity electrodes, being applied in functioning 40 Ah cells. at room temperature.

Fest technology is safer than conventional lithium-ion technology, increases the range of vehicles and can be easily and quickly integrated into existing infrastructures for the production of lithium-ion batteries.

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