Stellantis, identified the first 700 sites of Atlante, a new fast charging network

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The Atlante project – which arises from the collaboration between Stellantis, NHOA group and Free2Move eSolutions – aims to create the largest fast charging network in Southern Europe, the first 100% integrated with the electricity grid (Vehicle-Grid-Integrated, VGI) , powered by energy from renewable sources and supported by storage systems. After the inauguration of the first fast charging station in Piedmont in mid-October, the first 700 sites for the project were identified, 10% of which (mainly located in Italy) already under development and operational within the next six months . The power of the Atlante charging stations will vary from a minimum of 100 kW to a maximum of 175 kW, thus guaranteeing fast refueling times and also offering advantageous conditions for Stellantis customers.

Atlante foresees the installation in Italy, France, Spain and Portugal, of 5,000 fast charging points by 2025 and sets the target for 2030 at over 35,000. The charging stations will mainly be installed near the most important road junctions and in densely populated urban areas. Depending on the location of the station and the type of recharging envisaged (“on-the-go” or “destination”), the Atlante recharging points will be equipped with shelters with integrated photovoltaic panels and accumulation systems using batteries ” second-life “.

“Fast charging installations in Southern Europe are a great opportunity for growth and development towards a new mobility that will allow us to build a better future for the next generations” declares in an official note Anne-Lise Richard, Head of Global e- Mobility Stellantis: “The spread of the public charging infrastructure is essential to help customers choose to drive an electric vehicle. Like Stellantis, we aim to offer a charging experience that is as simple, intuitive, convenient and, above all, as quick as filling up with gas. The network that is taking shape thanks to the Atlante project will be an enabling factor to achieve this goal. This is an ambitious project that goes in the desired direction for powering the batteries of electric and electrified vehicles. Today’s announcement of the start of the works therefore represents an important step forward in the execution of Stellantis’ 360 ° electrification strategy ”.

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