Stellantis undermines the European leadership of the Volkswagen group, with just 74,351 vehicles sold in difference

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In Europe, in 2021 Stellantis almost halved the gap compared to the Volkswagen group, which remains the leader both in terms of the number of cars delivered and in terms of overall volumes, including commercial vehicles. The elaborations of the Dataforce company have confirmed that the merger between FCA and PSA has resulted in a company capable of challenging the German giant at a continental level, which already in 2020 had to return to Toyota the palm of the first manufacturer in the world: in 2021 the he Japanese company has further “stretched”.

In the past twelve months, Stellantis has marketed 3,086,488 vehicles with 12 different brands in the 27 countries of the Union plus Iceland, Switzerland, Norway and the United Kingdom. The Italian-French company registered 647,597 commercial vehicles, which are the ones that allowed the Volkswagen group to approach, which delivered “just” 210,583, however reaching a total of 3,160,839.

In 2020, when Stellantis was just about to be created in January of the following year, the gap was 137,891 vehicles. Last year it fell to 74,351 units. Before the pandemic, in 2019, adding the volumes of all the brands of the two groups (the German one markets nine in the Old Continent), the record would go to Stellantis with 4,174,868 units sold against the 4,119,887 of German rivals. As for the cars, the brands of the Volkswagen group reached 2,950,256 units, while Stellantis, second, stopped at 2,438,891.

The podium of European manufacturers was completed by the Renault Nissan Mitsubishi Alliance with 1,788,939 vehicles (1,414,430 cars and 374,509 commercial vehicles). In fourth position and still above the million (1,020,867) are the Koreans of Hyundai and Kia, whose share of Lcv is marginal, less than 2,500 pieces. Followed by Ford with 886,812 vehicles (with 558,932 units in eighth place for cars, but third for commercials, 327,880), Daimler (880,938 overall), BMW (861,694), Toyota (841,846 and sixth place for cars alone) , the Chinese of Geely, which control Volvo Cars and Lynk & Co (320,850) and Suzuki (208,049).

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