Subaru Forester 4Dventure, the proof: restyling and super warranty

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Having more requests for cars than they can produce is among the dreams of every manufacturer but for Subaru it seems to be a consolidated reality. Thus, in order to meet the needs of the broader, more lively and profitable markets – the USA first of all – the Japanese company is forced to neglect the supply to the European one. According to the national branch, for example, the expected demand for the product in our country for 2022 could increase sales by 69% compared to 2021, but the real availability of cars, probably, will not allow to go beyond + 14%.

If Subaru’s are so popular it’s also for their acclaimed reliability. In Italy this is demonstrated not only by the number of aspiring buyers of both new and second-hand, but also, for over 20 years now, by the supply of cars to many public administrations. Which, for obvious reasons, are attentive to the aspect of maintenance costs. And with the beginning of 2022, Subaru also formally gives its imprimatur to this evidence, bringing the warranty to 8 years with unlimited mileage for all components. And it is a coverage that continues for the entire period even in the event of transfer of ownership of the car. With a single, obvious “stake”: maintenance must be performed and registered at authorized workshops. This is obviously a choice that, if the Japanese company were not more than sure of its facts, could have catastrophic economic consequences.

The current generation of the Forester has been on the list since 2019 and, as usual, the time has come for the restyling of middle age. There is nothing overwhelming, for heaven’s sake. In terms of aesthetics, only the front changes slightly, which enhances the front grille more but without the caricatured exaggerations of a large part of the German competition. Then the electronic equipment was perfected. The EyeSight driving assistance system, introduced in 2015 and as standard, now aids steering when avoiding obstacles and keeps the Forester more rigorously in the center of the road. In the sport driving mode there is a more aggressive management of the transmission and the X-Mode system which, when activated, governs the off-road gear up to 20 km / h and then disengages, now returns to service automatically when you go below 40 km / h.

And for lovers of hi-tech to the bitter end, the passenger compartment temperature can be varied not only using physical commands but also with appropriate hand gestures that are detected by the internal camera. The same camera that detects any signs of fatigue or distraction of the driver (and alerts him with acoustic or light signals) and recognizes up to five different pre-recorded driver profiles and activates the automatic adjustment of seat and exterior mirrors according to the preferences of each.

Then there is the novelty of the 4Dventure, with more off-road suggestions, even if only aesthetic: orange inserts on the bumpers, side profiles and roof bars, black finishes for the fog light grille and 18 “alloy wheels. The orange theme also returns inside for the air vents, the gear selector and the stitching of the dashboard, steering wheel, doors and seats. The equipment is the most generous provided for the range with the exception of leather upholstery, replaced by a new water-repellent upholstery, and heated rear seats.

The engine, the only one available for the Forester, is a 2-liter naturally aspirated petrol engine with a 150hp light hybrid system. In any case, it is able to ensure between 1.6 to 2 km of electric travel: a limited range but which, in maneuvers and in column driving, is appreciated. And the repercussions on petrol consumption are perceptible, even if we are not dealing with a particularly frugal model in an absolute sense. The Forester offers quite brilliant performance and a pleasant and lively cue that, at normal gaits, exceeds expectations. In the most important accelerations, on the other hand, it appears to be less reactive mainly due to the continuous variation automatic transmission, also standard, which causes an immediate and sonorous increase in speed, while the speed does not increase slowly. The four-wheel drive and the favorable angles of attack (21.4 °), exit (25.8 °) and bump (21.1 °), in addition to the ground clearance of 22 cm, allow a very high off-road mobility compared to that of other non-specialized SUVs.

The 4Dventure version costs 44,750 euros, but the entry level of the Forester range is positioned at 37,750 euros, which are still interesting figures in relation to the mechanical equipment and accessories.

Subaru Forester, the card
What is that:
It is one of the models that since 1997 has contributed to the affirmation of the SUV concept. The current generation is the fifth, it was launched in 2019 and has now undergone a restyling.
Dimensions: length 4,640 meters, width 1,810 meters, height 1,730 meters, wheelbase 2,670 meters.
Rivals: Ford Kuga, Honda CR-V, Jeep Compass, Toyota RAV4
Engines: Only a naturally aspirated 2-liter petrol engine with horizontally opposed cylinders (boxer) combined with a mild-hybrid system is available. It delivers 150 hp and 194 Nm while the electric motor contributes 16.7 hp and 66 Nm.
Advantages: Rich equipment, all-wheel drive and automatic transmission as standard, comfort, handling and good off-road mobility.
Defects: Noticeable changes in engine speed due to the CVT transmission, somewhat dispersive controls and instruments.
Productione: Gunma (Japan).
Prices: The price list of the Forester 2022 goes from 37,750 to 45,250 euros, while for the new 4Dventure set-up, which is almost at the top of the range, 44,750 are needed. The only option is the metallic paint.

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