Subaru, here are the envelopes made with airbags

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Subaru’s latest product? It has little or nothing to do with cars: in fact, it is a shopping bag, but not the “ordinary” ones you find at the supermarket. What makes it unique is that it is made from the same (advanced) synthetic fabric that is used to make airbags. In short, one of the essential materials for building the well-known life-saving inflatable cushion is also excellent for making comfortable handyman bags.

Available with blue or pink stitching, they can be purchased in the Subaru Japan online store at a cost of around twenty euros. To make them, Subaru partnered with Toyoda Gosei, an automotive parts maker in which Toyota owns a 43% stake. In observance of safety, these envelopes are even equipped with reflective strips on the handles to make them more visible at night.

The shopping bags in question, moreover, are part of a range of products made by Toyoda Gosei with unused materials to promote sustainability and reduce waste: materials that do not pass the company’s inspection are then reused to produce various types of bags, wallets, pen holders and key rings.

Earlier this year, Toyoda Gosei and Asics even joined forces to present a new sneaker made of airbag fabric and leather.

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