Suzuki Burgman 400: the first of its kind is renewed

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In 1998 the Burgman 400 was the forerunner of “plausible” scooters, that is, those with a displacement high enough for easy use even outside the city and with a passenger, but with dimensions and weights still compatible with city driving and plenty of space for helmets and small items.

Since then the competition has multiplied but the Burgman 400 has remained the benchmark of the category for a long time. Today, from a commercial point of view, there is someone who does better, focusing above all on the price. But in the case of the Suzuki there is a build quality that is not easily found in other vehicles of the kind, also because it is actually built in Japan, something that not all other “Japanese” rivals can boast.

The new version of the Burgman 400 can be considered an evolution of the third generation or, in some respects, the fourth, because if the aesthetics change little, there are substantial changes in the mechanics and in the set-up. The engine, for example, changes a lot in the layout, not only in the adjustments, and also gains the ignition with double spark plugs to comply with the Euro 5 legislation for motorcycles. As standard, then, there is traction control, which in the city, especially in the wet or on the tram tracks, is a boon.

In urban use the 218 kg are not felt at all, the agility is remarkable even on the narrow and the full-bodied torque makes it splash well forward and allows you to keep up with real motorcycles. The distance from the ground of the saddle is within reach of all heights and a clever sidecut at the footrests allows those who do not have the stature of a cuirassier to keep their feet firmly planted on the ground without spreading their legs too much. The padding is full-bodied and for those who drive there is the adjustable lumbar support. Any passenger sits at a higher level and this exposes him to the air but gives him a better view. The rise, of course, also increases the space under the saddle, which can simultaneously contain a full-face helmet and an open one of the demi-jet type. In the front shield there are then two other drawers, one of which contains the socket for charging the smartphone.

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Out of town the Suzuki scooter is doing quite well. Let’s say that it can only have some limitations on the motorway, because the maximum speed of 135 km / h, which can also be reached quickly, is very close to the legal limit and this requires caution when overtaking, but on state roads you travel beautifully. The power drops by a horsepower compared to before, but the current 29 HP is more than enough to spin away anywhere and without problems. Among other things, with an extension after 5,000 rpm that pleasantly surprises in a single cylinder with such a high displacement.

The three disc brakes with ABS always give safety and the horizontal rear monoshock has a travel that digest the bumpy very well. The 13.5-liter tank allows a range outside the city of even more than 300 km and for those who want to make full use of the Burgman there are on request a higher and more protective windscreen, heated grips, hand guards and a top case. quite capable.

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The official price is 8 thousand euros but a promotion that will last at least until the end of the year lowers it to 7 thousand. And for those who do not want to buy it in the traditional way, there is the proposal of 99 euros per month, with an initial installment of 2,800 euros for a four-year loan or 3,780 euros for three years.

Ultimately, compared to the more hi-tech competition, the Burgman 400 only lacks a more spectacular fully digital instrument panel and the interface that allows you to use some smartphone functions. We would also have preferred that the selector to select the indications of the display mounted between the analog instruments was on the handlebar and not on the dashboard, but these are probably only venial sins for the reference customer of this vehicle.

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Suzuki Burgman 400, the card

What is that: It is the update of the third generation of Suzuki’s maxiscooter. The aesthetics are almost unchanged but now the Burgman 400 complies with Euro 5 regulations, is more efficient and has traction control as standard.

Dimensions: length 2.235 meters, width 0.765 meters, saddle height from the ground 0.755 meters, wheelbase 1.580 meters.

Rivals: Honda Forza 350, Yamaha XMax 400, BMW C400 GT, Kymco Downtown 350, Sym Maxsym 400.

Motor: It is a 400cc four-stroke single cylinder, with two overhead camshafts, four valves and twin spark plugs. In the new edition it delivers 29.2 HP at 6,300 rpm and 35.2 Nm at 4,900 rpm. It is combined with a continuously variable CVT transmission.

Benefits: Comfort, handling, efficiency even outside the city, traction control as standard.

Defects: Higher price than some competitors, the interface with the smartphone is missing.

Production: Hamamatsu (Japan).

Prices: The official price is € 7,999 but with the promotion, which will last at least until the end of 2021, it drops to € 6,990.

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