Suzuki puts the 140V hybrid on the new S-Cross

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From mild to full to plug-in, Suzuki has all the variations of the hybrid in the range, and is the only non-luxury brand to offer an entirely hybrid range. Now an extra technology arrives on the S-Cross, intermediate between the light hybrid and the traditional one to which it comes very close: it is the 140V formula, already successfully tested on the Vitara. The advantages? You can travel with zero emissions for short distances: up to 4.5 km, without exceeding 80 km per hour.

“The pure electric cars are slowing down, penalized by the price, by the limits of autonomy and by the difficulty of charging, instead the hybrids are increasingly in demand – explains Massimo Nalli, president of Suzuki Italy -. S-Cross is an ideal solution for those who want a versatile, modern and high-performance model on all types of terrain, also offering true 4WD all-wheel drive “.

The evolution of the Japanese medium SUV (completely renovated a few months ago) is based on the 4-cylinder 1.5 DualJet petrol engine with 102 HP and 138 Nm. It is integrated with the electric system through the coordinated work of the hybrid module with 24.6 kW motor generator. and 140V traction battery and six-speed Ags robotic gearbox. The lithium titanate battery (56 2.5V cells for a total capacity of 840Wh) is under the luggage compartment and occupies part of the double bottom, preserving an available space of 293 liters, 665 with the seats folded down.

The motogenerator at the base of the gearbox guarantees traction both independently and in combination with the thermal engine and is capable of delivering up to 24.6 kW with a torque equivalent to 152.7 Nm. from a generator to recharge the 140V battery, flanked by two other batteries, u: a 12V lead acid in the engine compartment and a 12V lithium battery under the driver’s seat. These two units participate in the management of the Integrated Starter Generator which performs the functions of starter motor and alternator, as well as powering the on-board systems during stopping or when traveling in electric mode.

The driving of the S-Cross Hubrid 140V is particularly brilliant because, in combination with the electric motogenerator, the system uses an optional “boost” of power, delivering up to 84 kW, 115 HP. The Ags robotic gearbox is reactive enough, especially in Sport mode, and can also be used via the paddles on the steering wheel. When starting and reversing, the 140V system moves the car with electric drive only. During the sailing phases, within 135 km / h, the thermal engine is switched off and only the electric works. These are performances comparable to those of the latest generation of traditional full-hybrid cars.

With the Eco Mode function, which can be activated by a button to the left of the steering wheel, the response to the accelerator command is more gradual, limiting the simultaneous intervention of the two engines and favoring electric drive. Four modes are easily selectable from the rotor on the central tunnel (Auto, Sport, Snow and Lock) and make it easy to manage even the adjustment of the electronically controlled 4×4 system.

The new S-Cross 140V is offered in top trim, Starview with standard sunroof, automatic gearbox, Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop & Go function and automatic restart. It costs 32,890 euros (35,590 the 4WD) and benefits from the launch of Suzuki incentives up to 2,500 euros with scrapping and exchange.

This evolution obviously offers all the novelties of the new family. S-Cross (a compact SUV 4.3 meters long, 1.78 wide and 1.58 high) which is very made in Italy, designed at the Suzuki Style Center in Turin. The look is dynamic and highlights the front (LED) and rear light clusters, an integral part of the style. Inside, the large 9 ”touchscreen in the center of the dashboard guarantees wireless smartphone connectivity and integrates all on-board information, as well as navigation. The system interfaces with the rear and 360 ° video cameras to monitor all the surroundings of the car. The new Connect App available for Android and Apple offers seven assistance functions to remotely control and manage the car. The safety notifications also let you know if the parked car has been forced or if it exits a planned route. All driving assistance systems are available, including automatic braking, driver attention monitoring to prevent falling asleep, as well as blind spot monitoring even when reversing.

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