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The “second work” by the volcanic Gordon Murray is at least as extraordinary as the first: we are talking about the new T.33, supercar produced by the brand founded by the famous South African engineer. It comes in the wake of the T.50, even more extreme and exclusive, and is configured as a more “friendly” vehicle, more suitable for everyday use. So, alongside particular racers – such as the aluminum pedals – are added everyday car details, such as compatibility with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay systems and luggage compartments with a total capacity of 280 liters.

4.4 meters long, the T.33 is distinguished by more sinuous and less exaggerated shapes than those of the T.50, inspired by the sports cars of the 60s. However, there is no lack of stylistic features derived from the world of motorsport, such as airscoop on the roof (it brings fresh air to the engine’s intake system), which is very 70s Formula 1. After all, that’s where Murray comes from, from the top motorsport series.

Under the hood, a V12 derived from that of the T.50, “sweetened” to be more manageable in road driving: it delivers 615 horsepower at maximum power at 10,500 rpm and can reach the impressive speed of 11,100 rpm. The engine torque, on the other hand, is equal to 451 Nm, of which 75% are already available at an altitude of 2,500, proof of the “manageability” of the engine. Two transmissions are available: manual or automatic (with return paddles on the steering wheel), both with 6 gears.

The T.33 boasts a sophisticated skeleton with monocoque made of carbon, aluminum suspension, carbon ceramic brakes by Brembo and 19-inch front and 20 rear wheels, rubberized with Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S tires. present in the front, the car directs the flows into the underbody and boasts a sophisticated diffuser and a rear movable wing. Production of the T.33 will be limited to 100 units, each sold for € 1.64 million, excluding taxes. Deliveries from 2024.

T.50s: Gordon Murray’s “ufo” is dedicated to Niki Lauda

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