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Zero, like zero degrees. It is clear what the vocation of the complete namesake of T.urTucano’s tourist-adventure brand. Jacket (J-Zero), pants (P-Zero) and gloves (G-Zero) laminates are designed for the coldest season, with the possibility of being used on and off-road. The air intakes on the front, on the sleeves, on the back and on the legs, however, allow you to use the suit even in higher temperatures. As in the other series of the brand (we had already tried the One), aesthetics and functionality are combined so as to never sacrifice one to the other. With some solutions that emphasize the technical character of this suit and of the T.ur brand compared to the lines of Tucano Urbano.


The test sample was gray, but black is also available. The jacket has two layers: the “shell” is Hydroscud laminate (Tucano Urbano patent for waterproof fabrics), with possibility of fixing a quilt inside for the coldest days. it has black inserts on the shoulders and two tracks (also in leather) on the right shoulder; on the left there is a loop to be able to fix an “action camera”. This design is characteristic of all the jackets of the T.ur line and gives a style that differentiates the production from those of other brands, sometimes a little anonymous and all too similar.

On the front there are two “cargo” pockets of good capacity, with vertical loading: the one on the left (waterproof) has a zip closure and double clip, the one on the right has a button and a magnetic flap, very convenient for minimizing movements and to allow you to open the flap even with a hand. In addition, on the left there is a triangular pocket closed with zipper, ideal for storing your motorcycle or house keys, a Swiss army knife or a multifunctional folding pliers. A high “Napoleonic” pocket has been placed on the left side, closed by a zip and protected by the central flap. And again, there are the two pockets on the inside front of the jacket, closed with a zipper.

The closure is with concealed buttons under the flap, with a zip that reaches the chin. In the upper part, the closure flap widens to the right, where a clip for closure is positioned. An extra shelter from the cold. But above all, an important detail from an aesthetic point of view: in the front view, the “Closing sector” draws a sort of “Y”, which with the oblique arms is the reference for aligning the air intakes. They are also easy to find while driving, because they are with flap-covered zippers. Opening is easy, even on the move. For increase air circulationit is also possible to hook the small buttonhole sewn in a central position on both flaps to a small plastic «hook» in the middle of the torso.

The adjustment of the width of the jacket is entrusted to a double elastic, but with a single tie, drawing a sort of triangle on the side, at the height of the side. This solution has the advantage of obtaining the adjustment in two points with a single movement, always an appreciable “nerve-kicking” comfort. The possible disadvantage (for less “standard” sizes) is not being able to modulate both positions in detail and having to adapt to an intermediate adjustment. In life, then, there is one elastic band which helps to make the jacket adhere to the body (and unload the weight of the jacket), but it can also remain closed on itself along the inner rear part or even removed. And also on the back, there is a pocket for back protection and a zip for attaching the jacket to the trousers. Speaking of protections, the J-Zero comes with level 2 protectors on the shoulders and elbows.

To help cope with the colder temperatures, T.ur has also thought about collar of the same material as the jacket and with the neoprene interior, attached to the collar with a zipper and with a button at the height of the left humerus, in symmetry with the closure clip of the jacket at the other end of the front “Y”. The flaps are very wide and hug the neck, with a Velcro fastening point on the left and the magnetic closure on the opposite side.

The sleeves, then, have a double adjustment (bicep and forearm), but no air intake. The cuffs have closures with a rubber strap on velcro.

On the back, there is one snorkel covered by a fabric edge and sealed by a horizontal zipper in a central position, at shoulder height. Combined with the two front openings, it should ensure with the“Chimney effect” the release of the heat generated by the body. The conditional is a must, because our test took place with temperatures between -2 and 12 degrees: the heat was a mirage. On the lumbar part, then, there is a large pocket, but without a bellows.

The internal padding is quite thick and soft (in Thermore, 170 grams), fastened to the jacket with zippers on the front, buttonhole in fabric and clip for the collar, buttons for the sleeves. It’s a jacket, designed to be used even without the jacket: for this reason, it has two “handwarmer” pockets at the waist and two other vertical pockets inside at the same height, closed with a central button.


Same fabric as the jacket, they have a removable internal padding, fastened at the waist with a zip and at the bottom with buttons. The fabric is very soft, with reinforcements on the knees and softer lining on the inside of the leg. The waist closure is with bayonet lock and rubber interlocking buckle, with velcro tabs for waist adjustment. The front zip covers the rain and moisture wicking gaiter and reaches up to the top edge, which is covered by the closing tab.

The highlight is represented by pockets, designed for big travelers: they are two, elongated and cut at 35-40 degrees, positioned on the thighs, with access from the inside out. Both closed with Velcro in two points, the one on the right also has a zipper, which makes it waterproof. The final part of the leg has Velcro flaps to adjust the width and a zipper to allow you to put on the boots (outside or inside) without too much effort.


The gloves are also made with HDry fabrics and leather. For the G-Zero, Tucano Urbano has studied a solution that would allow them to face all seasons. The Lombard company specialists opted for a double glove, fixed with velcro on the cuff. The price to pay is the “glove” thickness, not very suitable for “busy” driving, but acceptable for long-distance travelers. Precisely for this reason, the conformation of the fingers groups the last two in a sort of “mitt”, leaving the first three free for driving and keeping the ring and little fingers close together to reduce heat loss. The Thermore inner glove can be worn separately and offers a comfortable alternative for bike-free rides. For less cold temperatures, just take off the inner glove. The cuff has an elastic velcro closure and is high enough to be worn underneath (ideal for rain), but also over the sleeves of the jacket. The knuckles are protected by a 1680D Balistic protection and the left thumb has a “wiper” insertwhich does not reduce the possibilities of finger movement.

How are you

The test took place in winter (as already mentioned, temperatures between -2 and 12 degrees), with city routes alternating with out-of-town trips and speeds up to the limits allowed by the highway code. Considering that every 10 kilometers an hour of speed, the temperature drops by one degree, the T.ur suit has made it possible to travel even tolerating temperatures close to 15 degrees below zero. In the various outings, the suit has always been worn over technical underwear (sometimes just the shirt, on other occasions also the lower part), with thin fleece as an intermediate state. In all conditions, jacket, trousers and gloves have always done their duty, keeping the body warm and dry. The fit is good and guarantees good range of motion, considering the increased volume of the padding. Once in the saddle, it is possible to appreciate the proportions designed to facilitate the motorcyclist’s journey, with the front part shorter than the rear. Adjustments made it possible to find the ideal fit for neck, sleeves, chest and legs. A small flaw could be represented by the protections on the knees: in particular, in the test sample the one on the right “pointed” a little, but this did not prevent us from tackling trips even for several consecutive hours without fatigue. In the test, the temperatures did not allow to test the ventilation system of the jacket. We are only talking about the J-Zero, because Tucano Urbano has decided to do not insert the vents into your pantstrusting in breathable fabric: a choice that rewards compactness and thermal resistance in the colder seasons, but risks being a bit limiting when the mercury rises above 30 degrees.

Lastly, prices: jacket J-Zero 599 eurostrousers P-Zero 349 eurosgloves G-Zero 149 euros

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