Tesla and the pilot project in the Netherlands, Superchargers also open to vehicles of other brands

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Tesla, the manufacturer with the largest capitalization in the world (one trillion dollars), has decided to open its European charging network to cars of other brands as well. The “revolution” begins in the Netherlands where the program will be tested in 10 stations. In fact it is the triumph of Elon Musk, for years snubbed by various top managers who did not consider his development plans credible. For the visionary entrepreneur of South African origins, this is a move that has multiple meanings.

To begin with, it is a manifestation of strength, especially in the Old Continent, where most of the premium brands against which it competes with customers are based. Then, considering the growth rate of zero-emission vehicle registrations, it is clear that the demand for power supply “sockets” is set to rise and Tesla can thus secure another source of income. In some ways it is also the end of a sort of “discrimination”, given that other companies already allow customers of the Californian company (even if the headquarters will be in Texas) to fill up with energy at their stations (for example the consortium Ionity).

Tesla has invested heavily in the supercharger network: in the world it has installed 25,000, also collaborating with other start-ups, while in Europe there are 6,100 distributed in 27 countries. The pilot project requires customers to use Tesla’s app to access refueling: for the moment, motorists who do not reside in the Netherlands are excluded. The American company has announced that it will keep the situation under control to avoid supercharger congestion. Among the vehicles that can fill up are those with the Combined Charging System adopted by Tesla in Europe and used by Audi, Porsche, Volkswagen, Ford, Bmw, General Motors, Hyundai and Mercedes, among others.

“Our goal has always been to open the Supercharger network to non-Tesla-branded EVs to encourage more customers to drive and electric,” says a statement. Which also explains how the operation is destined to accelerate “the global transition to sustainable energy”.

Refueling will not be the same for everyone: the manufacturer specifies that those who drive a Tesla will benefit from the lower prices. It means that additional costs related to the extension of the infrastructure functionality will be applied to the full cars of other brands. The price per kWh will vary from site to site and, at least in part, can be reduced with a loyalty card.

Tesla Model 3 on the roof of Europe in September, the “first time” of an electric and a car not produced locally

Speaking of the agreement between the car rental giant Hertz and Tesla for the supply of 100,000 vehicles by the end of 2022 that had helped to make the stock soar on the stock exchange in recent days, Musk felt compelled to intervene. Of course with a Tweet. He specified that no contract has yet been signed: “Tesla has a higher demand than production, so we will sell cars to Hertz only with the same margins as those of consumers”. In short, no discounts.

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