Tesla: recall numerous cars due to dashboard display problems

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BERLIN. US automaker Tesla is recalling numerous Model S and Model X vehicles for an issue with the main dashboard display, the company announced today. The recall, according to Tesla, only applies to models manufactured before March 2018 and is intended to check the operation of a memory card. According to a previous report by the German newspaper Augsburger Allgemeine, there are 7,500 vehicles targeted by the recall. However, the automaker refused to confirm the figure. The German Federal Motor Vehicle Agency (KBA) has announced that it is investigating the problems. A spokesperson for the KBA explained that the recall was not ordered by the authority, but was initiated independently by Tesla.

Previously, the U.S. Traffic Safety Authority (NHTSA) ordered Tesla to review approximately 158,000 units of Tesla Model S and Model X models produced between 2012 and 2018 in mid-January due to safety risks due to vehicle failures. touch screen from which various vehicle functions are operated. Specifically, the recall has to do with memory chips used in vehicle touchscreens that can cause the screens to malfunction.

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