Testarossa by Officine Fioravanti, the restomod inspired by the Eighties

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That of restomods is a rampant trend in recent years. The concept of non-conservative restoration, but rather an improvement in performance but safeguarding the originality of the project, is increasingly gaining momentum among enthusiasts. The only limitation is that you usually have to be wealthy and the Testarossa developed by Officine Fioravanti is no exception, given that its list price will start at just under half a million euros, net of customizations. This is because Officine Fioravanti aim to satisfy any desire on the part of the customer, as long as he does not want to “claim the right to radically change the exterior appearance and overturn the original technical peculiarities” of the donor car. Looking at the images of the white Testarossa it soon becomes clear that this is not the case. The aesthetic is the iconic one of the square-shaped supercar symbol of the Eighties.

Officine Fioravanti worked on a version of the first series of the Ferrari Testarossa, the one presented at the Paris Motor Show in 1984 with a single mirror and single-nut rims. Thus the purity of the lines created by Pininfarina has been safeguarded and refreshed in some small details, while the most advanced technology available on the market today has been used for driving pleasure. In any case, there is only one password: analog. And, again speaking of coherence, since carbon fiber had not yet spread in the eighties, there is no trace of it on board. The suspension department, on the other hand, has been considerably refined: the electronically adjustable Ohlins shock absorbers have been developed to measure and at the front they include the lift to raise the nose of the Testarossa by 7 cm.

Speaking of trim, the anti-roll bars are adjustable to 6 positions and are inspired by the F1 of the eighties. The rims, on the other hand, take up the design of the originals but are 18 inches at the rear and 17 inches at the front; current measures that allow you to wear Michelin 4, 4S or Pirelli Trofeo R tires.But the heart of this restomod is certainly the engine: thanks to a series of interventions that have affected every area, the maximum power of the 12-cylinder V of 180 ° from 4,942 cc has risen from 390 to 510 horsepower with 600 Nm of torque. Furthermore, the engine is now equipped with two different mappings and can sing free up to 9,000 rpm thanks to the new Inconel and titanium exhaust. Officine Fioravanti also declares that during the track tests the Testarossa reached 323 km / h.

To stop those speeds, however, there are Brembo disc brakes with 6-piston calipers at the front and 4 at the rear. Both the ABS and the traction control are adjustable in 12 positions, the flat bottom has been redesigned and the whole car has lost 130 kg. Finally, inside, all the plastic elements have given way to details machined from solid and fine leathers have been chosen for the upholstery. The equipment also includes a latest generation premium audio system, a USB-C charging socket and a cellphone from the 1980s which, thanks to a system developed by Officine Fioravanti, connects via Bluetooth to passenger smartphones and can be used to receive and make calls.

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