The 1960s Maserati Ghibli turns 55 and remains a style icon

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When we talk about the Ghibli at Maserati, we have to make some distinctions, since the name in the hot wind of North Africa has been used on three generations of cars: the large sedan born in 2013 and evolved to date, the coupé of the early nineties derived from the Biturbo project – the 2-liter V6 with double turbocharger had reached 306 HP – and obviously the original, the Ghibli presented at the Turin Motor Show in November 1966, which in this period turns 55. For the time, a new interpretation of the concept of a grand touring car, a two-seater coupé designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro who at that time was still working on the Ghia body shop, before founding Italdesign in early 1968. The name Ghibli was chosen precisely. for the speed of the Modenese sportswoman and for the “warmth” of its technical and stylistic contents.

The engine was a new project based on the experience of the well-known 8-cylinder already used by Mexico, capable of delivering 310 hp in the 4.7-liter version and 335 hp in the 4.9-liter version. With these powers, the Ghibli reached 270 and 280 km / h respectively, accelerating from 0 to 100 km / h in 6.5 and 4.9 seconds. Speaking of style, to leave more room for style by lowering the height of the hood, the engine had a dry sump and was mounted inside the tubular frame in a very low position; a solution that helped define the aggressive and slender look that was one of the cornerstones of its success. The most significant stylistic detail, which marks a decisive change with the models that preceded Ghibli, was the integration of the volumes: there is no distinction between the car body and the passenger compartment, which is neither separate nor superimposed, but aligned in a single surface.

The biggest novelty in style is undoubtedly the front, hitherto never seen on a Maserati: the headlights are retractable and the very thin grille occupies the entire front of the car. In the side view, on the other hand, you can appreciate the long and low bonnet, the steeply inclined windshield and the perfect proportions without any superfluous decoration. Inside there are only two seats and the instrumentation is integrated in an overall design that prevails over the individual elements. It was launched on the market in 1967 with the 4.7-liter engine, while in 1969 the Spyder arrived and a year later the variant, available on both bodies, with the 4.9-liter that took the name of Ghibli SS. In all, 128 Ghibli Spyder and over 1,200 Ghibli coupé were produced between 1967 and 1972: one example was purchased by Henry Ford (grandson of the founder), to place it in the lobby of the Ford Product Development Center in Detroit, presenting it as a example to follow and a source of inspiration. Today, its value fluctuates between 200,000 and 300,000 euros.

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