The Boat Tail, the most expensive car in the world, exhibited on that branch of Lake Como. It’s a Rolls-Royce Dawn convertible

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Not only Covid, but even the weather has contributed to making the most expensive car in the world even more exclusive. Among the side effects of the virus there was the exclusion of the public at the Concorso di Eleganza di Villa d’Este, supported by BMW for the past three decades, which has thus not been able to attend the debut of the Rolls-Royce Boat Tail for about 23 million euros. It is a unique model developed for a naturally anonymous customer on whom the manufacturer worked for 4 years, creating over 1,800 new components. On Sunday, the final day of the three days on the lake, the car was not even exhibited due to the weather, which was decidedly gloomy. Prudence prevented the noble British manufacturer from pulling the vehicle out of the garage, but not the dispute of the 72nd edition of the Centomiglia del Lario, valid for the Italian Endurance and Offshore championship as well as for the Pleasure Races Trophy followed by crowded spectators along the banks.

The Grand Hotel overlooking Lake Como was less crowded than usual, even if Stephan Winkelmann, the number one of Bugatti and Lamborghini, did not fail to be seen. For the traditional and partly ostentatious glamor we will have to wait until 2022: BMW has re-proposed the event after a year of forced break in a resized version waiting to relaunch it in great shape. Not just for the cost, the nautical-inspired Spirit of Ecstasy limo is a collector’s item.

It has an anthracite-colored rear that recalls the deck of a yacht and in addition to the Rolls-Royce designer crockery it also boasts a special fridge for champagne. The word luxury is an understatement for this model, substantially outrageous compared to the conditions of a mere mortal, whose annual salary would not be enough for even one of the seats in the car.

The project was carried out by about twenty people and 8 months of work were required for the frame alone. The customized audio system has 15 speakers and the dashboard is embellished with both a Bovet 1822 chronograph and a dedicated pen, naturally Montblanc. Among the many questions surrounding the car, a Dawn convertible equipped with a V12 engine, is the possible mileage. Should it also reach 10,000, it would be 2,300 euros each. When it is stationary it becomes a sort of picnic car complete with an umbrella and stools, inevitably based not only on bubbles, but probably also on caviar, of course Beluga.

Even more mysterious – in the sense that before entering the box where it is exhibited, you need to deposit your mobile phone – although probably more “economical” is The 8 X Jeff Koons, the first of a series of models (perhaps a hundred) of the limited edition. of the BMW M850i ​​xDrive Gran Coupé. It is not the first time that the artist defined as the heir of Andy Warrol collaborates with the Bavarian house, but in this case it is not a unique example.

Not only in Italy and outside the niche of gallery owners, her name had earned the headlines due to her marriage to the radical porn star and parliamentarian Ilona Staller, better known as Cicciolina. Intriguing enough, the self-propelled work will only be officially presented next year.

Locked up in the “closed room” of the park of the Grand Hotel Villa d’Este, the 8 X Jeef Koons was only anticipated to the small circle of participants in the event, this year forced to do without the usual limelight. And also good weather, even if the autumn inclusion in the calendar is a substantial return to the origins

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