The dream camper for those who do not want to work from home but not only: the Nissan Office Pod Concept arrives

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Just work from home. This camper is designed for those who want to “work from anywhere”. Inspired by the needs of the Covid-19 era, the Nissan prototype presents itself as a retractable office for remote workers and digital nomads. Dubbed the Office Pod Concept, the mobile workspace features a chair and desk space large enough for a large computer monitor. Privacy seekers can lock themselves inside the pod and take advantage of ambient lighting that gives the office a futuristic vibe, while electric blinds help discourage prying eyes. But, with the touch of an app, the pod extends from the rear in seconds (as shown in this promotional video) and the trunk door becomes a cover for your outdoor office. The roof of the vehicle also doubles as a space to relax under an umbrella. The concept is a modified version of the Nissan NV350 Caravan, which came on the market in 2012 and currently sells for between $ 22,000 and $ 38,000 in Japan. It was created for this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon, however – with the capital of Japan currently in a state of emergency due to Covid – the presentation was virtually staged. Other features include a glove box equipped with a “UV antibacterial lamp,” which Nissan says can disinfect personal items such as wallets and phones. Elsewhere, a clear polycarbonate floor allows you to see what’s going on under the vehicle. “Over the past year, the coronavirus pandemic has significantly accelerated the work from home trend and many employees are now having a variety of problems working at home,” Nissan explained. “We want to solve these problems by giving these workers a wider choice of where and how to work.” While Nissan has no plans to mass market the design, the automaker said it is considering making some of the individual modified parts available to customers. For now, outdoor enthusiasts may have settled for the NV350 “Multi Bed”, a simpler version of the Nissan camper that comes with a folding table and a retractable tarpaulin that extends from the trunk to create a small covered outdoor area.


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