The “fake news” on electric mobility according to Jaguar Land Rover

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The Jaguar Land Rover Group was among the first to tackle the pure electric issue in the premium sector with conviction: already in 2018 it presented the Jaguar I-Pace and the press gave it credit, electing the Car of the Year. 2019. It also seemed that, in the short term, even the flagship XJ would convert entirely to “zero emissions”. However, the program was temporarily put aside, so the I-Pace remained the only model of its kind in the range. For its part, Land Rover has promised six fully battery-powered models, but by 2024.

Waiting for the next industrial developments, however, the two British brands are now approaching the issue from a theoretical and didactic point of view by engaging in the education and training of motorists to prepare them adequately for the ecological transition. The e-ducation project for the diffusion of sustainable mobility began its journey in Milan and in the Lombardy area, in collaboration with the Automobile Club Milano.

The initiative is based on a guide created to dispel what according to Jaguar and Land Rover are the 20 misconceptions that still distract the general public from definitively embracing the cause of electric mobility. Which, according to the leaders of the two British brands, still has many enemies, not always in good faith and resistant to change. While some data appropriately presented could erase the most recurring doubts such as: “no one wants electric cars”, “the columns in Italy are few”, “electricity is not enough”, “the electric car will cause you to lose jobs” or ” the electric ones emit the same CO2 as the best diesels “

The guide How to fight the “No Watts of the car” will be distributed through the Jaguar Land Rover dealerships in Italy, the Milan Automobile Club channels and in the schools participating in the training project.

Customers in Milan and Lombardy who have already chosen an electric or plug-in hybrid car, will also be involved by their dealerships in training courses held by an E-coach, at the General Management of the ACI in Milan or at the dealerships of reference.

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