The most effective method of demisting the car windshield: explains the former NASA engineer

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Which technique works best for demisting car windshields and windows quickly? Mark Rober, a former NASA engineer and science enthusiast, explains it in this video. Here are the four steps to follow: – Turn the car heater on to maximum, because the hot air can hold more moisture – Turn on the air conditioning to remove the moisture from the air as the air passes over the cold coils – Deactivate internal air circulation – Open all windows, even for a few seconds, to allow the exchange of the car’s moist air with the dry cold air outside.In the full video, Mark explains the principles with easy examples physicists who support his method. In conclusion, he suggests filling a sock with a little litter for the cat’s litter, which absorbs the wet, and put it on the dashboard. And he adds one last trick to save some money: instead of buying a specific liquid to prevent the windows from fogging, you get the same result using shaving foam.


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