The new 100% electric Volkswagen ID.7 makes its debut at CES in Las Vegas

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After six years of absence Volkswagen returns to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, which is scheduled from 5 to 8 January, with the ID.7 or the brand’s first 100% electric sedan, naturally based on the MEB platform. The model that will be exhibited is not yet the definitive one, but its wheelbase of no less than 2.97 meters suggests a length of almost 5 meters and a large interior space “With the ID.7 we are extending our range of electric models to the segments The sedan will offer first-class quality and technology. The ID.7 is one of ten new electric models we plan to launch by 2026. Our goal? To provide suitable products for our customers in every single segment,” he told about the ID.7 Thomas Schäfer, CEO of the Volkswagen brand.

It is still too early to talk about technical characteristics, but Wolfsburg has already announced ranges of up to 700 km which, if confirmed during the approval stage, would represent a record for Volkswagen. Considering the current configurations of the accumulators in the MEB platform – for now it contains a maximum of 12 modules – it will be interesting to understand whether the German technicians have increased the number of modules or if they have managed to obtain a greater energy density from the existing ones. Aside from that, Volkswagen has capitalized on customer feedback and improved the user experience in the most relevant areas, starting with the layout and configuration of the displays.

Other novelties will be the augmented reality head-up display, the central 15-inch diagonal screen, the climate controls integrated into the first level of the infotainment system, the illuminated touch cursors. To all this is added the new climate control system with intelligent flow management. Lastly, as regards aesthetics, the ID.7 will be displayed disguised with a multi-layered tint that creates light effects on parts of the car. Forty layers of paint have been applied, some of which are conductive while others have insulating properties. Twenty-two areas of the vehicle can be controlled separately and are electrified under the top coat of paint (electroluminescence) so that they light up. By connecting the car to an audio system, the rhythm is displayed by the lighting of the individual areas.

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