The one-off “Spiaggina” on a Fiat 500 base from 1958 is up for auction

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The Sant’Agostino auction house in Turin will be responsible for the sale of the 1958 Fiat 500 “Spiaggina”, which belonged to the lawyer Agnelli and protagonist of the worldly news of the 1960s. A unique specimen that collectors will compete on September 8, in the historic auction house in Corso Alessandro Tassoni 56.

Estimate of the car? Around one million euros. Equipped with an engine of 479 cc of cubic capacity and 6 HP of maximum power, it has assets of just 16,820 km. It was produced in only two copies in its original version with Boano bodywork. “This model became very popular in the 1960s because it was constantly portrayed in magazines all over the world together with its owners of undisputed fame: we are talking about Gianni Agnelli and Aristotle Onassis”, reads an official note: “One of the two copies, the one that belonged to Onassis, was destroyed in an accident ”.

It should be remembered that the term “beach” indicates an open car, built on a very small and compact structure, designed for the summer. It is a car without doors and roofs, often replaced by an awning, and has a waterproof interior so that it can be used even after a bath or shower.

“But for the record, it must be recognized that the name” Spiaggina “derives from the legendary model we are talking about, which can be considered the progenitor of the genre, the 1958 Fiat 500 Boano Spiaggina, built on a Fiat Nuova 500 platform and mechanics and designed by Mario Boano ”, explain from the Sant’Agostino auction house.

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