Theory exam for the driving license, new rules: less time and fewer questions, what changes

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Even the theory exam for the car and motorcycle license changes on the basis of the changes introduced by the decree of the Ministry of Infrastructure approved on October 27 and published in the Official Gazette on December 9.

How the theory exam changes
The main novelty is that the exam becomes shorter: the duration is 20 minutes, and not more than 30, and the questions go from 40 to 30. The questionnaire, we read in the Journal, is “extracted from a database prepared by the Department for sustainable mobility of the Ministry of Sustainable Infrastructure and Mobility according to a method of chance “.

The candidate must cross the letter “V” or “F”, true or false, depending on whether he considers the statement indicated to be true or false. The exam is passed if the wrong answers are not more than 3: with four wrong answers the rejection arrives.

The licenses for which the exam changes
The licenses affected by the new examination methods are those of categories A and B, specifically:

– A1 (the license for sixteen year olds, to drive motorcycles up to 125 cubic centimeters of displacement, 11 kilowatts of power and power / weight ratio up to 0.1 kW / kg and tricycles up to 15 kW);

– A2 (motorcycles with power up to 35 kW and power / weight ratio up to 0.2 kW / kg); A (motorcycles and tricycles, without limitations other than those for the youngest);

– B1 (non-light quadricycles);

– B (motor vehicles up to 3.5 tons with power limits for novice drivers, plus tricycles with power even higher than 15 kW);

– BE (light vehicles when towing a non-light trailer).

On the other hand, the tests for obtaining a license to drive trucks and buses remain unchanged.

When the new rules come into force
The goal is to dispose of the backlog of theory exams for car and motorcycle licenses accumulated during the pandemic, also thanks to the increasingly reduced number of examiners.

The exams will continue to take place in the manner used previously until December 19: with a decree of the Directorate General of the Motorization it was established that the new ones will be applied starting from December 20, 2021.

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