They write to Enzo Ferrari, the answer after 37 years: the emotion of the three ex-children in Maranello

The letter found

In 1985, at the age of seven, he wrote to Enzo Ferrari. The answer came 37 years later, last September. It is the story, told by the newspaper Alto Adige, of David Donolato, now 44, and his father Diego, 79, from San Giacomo di Laives, passionate fans of the Maranello horse. Diego had built a scale model of a Formula 1 Ferrari for his son, complete with internal combustion engine, and then had convinced him to write to Enzo Ferrari to ask for some original stickers that were missing to make the model more similar to the original and, perhaps, to be able to visit the factory. A few months ago, a letter arrived from the top management of Ferrari inviting David, now an engineer in a multinational in Verona, and Diego for three days in Maranello with a fabulous programme. Donolato was not the only one to have this experience. The top management of Ferrari have invited three “former children” to visit the factory.


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