Tires: the new European label arrives

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From May 2021, the new European tire label will come into force: it will serve to provide consumers with more complete information about the product. The label will indicate the new rolling resistance classes – a determining index for the overall efficiency of the vehicle – and braking in the wet, while the noise level will be indicated by the number of decibels accompanied by the letters A, B or C.

Furthermore, by using the QR code on the label, users will be able to access additional information on the tire. There are also two pictograms to indicate whether the tire has grip on snow corresponding to the EU homologation standards, recognizable in this case thanks to the snowflake symbol, and whether it ensures grip on ice in line with the new ISO standard.

Also starting from May 2021, this information must also be available on the adhesive label for heavy commercial vehicle tires (C3 Class). Classifications from A to C will remain unchanged. C1 and C2 tires, respectively for cars and vans, which belonged to class E for rolling resistance and grip in the wet will be assigned to class D, which was not previously used, while tires that occupied the previous classes F and G will change to class E.

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