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“Türkiye’nin Otomobili Girişim Grubu”: this means Togg, the brand to which the first 100% electric cars designed, engineered and produced in Turkey belong and in which the country has invested hundreds of millions of euros: they are born in the Turkish Silicon Valley, in Gezbe , less than an hour’s drive southeast of Istanbul, with the aim of transforming Turkey from an auto assembler for companies like FCA, Renault or Toyota, to a front-line builder.

And there are already those who are talking about Tesla from Anatolia: its cars will be produced in Gemlik, a hundred kilometers south of Istanbul. There are five models envisaged in the industrial plan, with an initial production of 175,000 units per year starting from 2022 (aftermath of Covid permitting). All this is the result of the joint initiative of five local groups, financially supported by the Ankara government. Style? Work by Pininfarina who, under the supervision of Murat Günak, pencil before Togg, followed the design and development phases of the prototypes.

The latest to arrive in chronological order is the “smart concept”, a fastback sedan. “The stylistic concept is based on a rear muscle and on a sign that sculpts the upper part of the side starting from the headlights, designed as in the upcoming C-SUV 2023 model,” explains Pininfarina. While the illuminated Togg logo on the hood, an exclusive design feature of this model, symbolizes the union between East and West.

The interior accommodates four individual seats – the front in light leather, the rear in dark leather – with integrated turquoise seat belts “to emphasize not only the electrification but also the brand’s DNA”. And there is also a multimedia system based on a platform called Smart Life. Finally, the doors have a book opening thanks to a design that eliminates the central pillar. Technical characteristics and time-to-market have yet to be defined.

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