Toyota, 30 electric models on the way. But Akio Toyoda warns: “Without green energy, no zero-emission vehicles”

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As many as 30 new 100% electric models, half of which are already on the way to production: many have Toyota planned in its electrification plan for the range between now and 2035. Of these, some will be premium, under the Lexus brand, a brand that (again from 2035) will only offer battery-powered cars. Announcements disclosed by the number one of the Japanese giant, Akio Toyoda, who also underlined the manufacturer’s willingness to invest almost 63 billion euros in battery technology, electrified cars and Bev (Battery electric vehicles). Target? Sell ​​3.5 million electric vehicles a year by 2035. However, the Japanese giant has also confirmed its holistic approach to the issue of decarbonisation of mobility, which also includes fuel cells and hydrogen.

During the presentation of this industrial plan, Akio Toyoda again underlined a concept dear to the company: “If the energy that powers the vehicles is not clean, the use of an electrified vehicle, of any type, does not lead to zero. CO2 emissions “. Furthermore, the manager reiterated the need to approach the mobility of the future in a balanced way: “We live in a diversified world and in an era in which it is difficult to predict the future. Therefore, it is difficult to please everyone with a one-size-fits-all option. That’s why Toyota wants to prepare as many options as possible for our customers around the world ”.

Options that go even beyond the current categorizations of cars, divided into zero-emission ones and not based on what is emitted during their use: “We believe that all electrified vehicles can be divided into two classes, depending on the energy they use . One category is that of carbon-reduction vehicles. If the energy that powers the vehicles is not clean, the use of an electrified vehicle, of any kind, would not lead to zero CO2 emissions. The other category is that of zero-emission vehicles, which run on clean energy and achieve zero CO2 emissions throughout the entire usage process. We at Toyota will do our best to make such vehicles ”.

“We need to reduce CO2 emissions as much as possible, as soon as possible,” said Toyoda. “Energy plays a key role in achieving carbon neutrality. This is exactly why Toyota is committed to providing a diverse range of carbon-neutral options to suit every need and situation in every country and region. Local markets and our customers will decide which options to choose. As for why we try to keep so many options, in terms of business management, one would think it would be more efficient to focus on fewer choices. However, we believe that adapting quickly to future changes is more important than trying to predict the future, which is uncertain. That’s why we want to keep the options available to our customers until the right path is clear ”.

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