Toyota GR86, here are all the technical characteristics of the version for the USA

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The Toyota GR86, heir to that GT 86 that has delighted driving enthusiasts all over the world since the beginning of the last decade, is ready to make its debut on the American market. For the arrival in Europe and in particular in Italy we will have to wait until next summer, but in the meantime the American branch of the Japanese house has published the complete technical specifications, which allow you to get a more complete idea of ​​the new coupe made in Japan. In this regard, Toyota underlined that in the design of the GR86 – the new abbreviation – it listened to the experiences of the owners of the GT 86, trying to improve all the critical issues that emerged over the years. The first and foremost was the lack of torque in the old 2-liter boxer.

Thus the displacement has risen to 2.4 liters and the compression ratio to 12.5: 1, generating an increase in torque of up to 250 Nm.

But what matters most is that they are now achieved at 3,700 rpm instead of the previously 6,600 rpm. The double direct and indirect injection system has been confirmed, while the maximum power of 235 HP reaches 7,000 rpm with the limiter intervening at 7,400 rpm.

The whole cooling system has been redesigned, as well as the exhaust line; to improve the roar of the engine there is also a sound management system, which can be activated or deactivated.

The frame has been reinforced at key points, also thanks to the addition of an auxiliary subframe at the rear to which the stabilizer bar is directly connected; the weight is contained in 1,270 kg with a distribution of 53% at the front and 47% at the rear.

To accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h, with the 6-speed manual gearbox that has been improved in the engagement, it takes 6.3 seconds. The steering has been redesigned, with a new electronic servo control mounted directly on the column. The ratio is quite direct (13.5: 1) so the steering wheel makes only 2.5 turns. The front suspension is McPherson type, the rear multi-link and the rear differential is a limited slip Torsen.

As for the braking system, the four discs are all self-ventilating: the front ones measure 295 mm in diameter, the rear 290 mm. The alloy wheels, on the American market, can be 17 or 18 inches with Michelin Primacy HP or Pilot Sport 4 tires as standard, depending on the trim level. In this regard, it is plausible that in Italy the GR86 is available in a single version that is particularly complete in terms of equipment.

This includes the smart key system, the dual-zone automatic climate control and a new digital instrumentation with a 7-inch display that has dedicated graphics depending on the driving mode.

selected: Normal, Sport, Track or Snow. The infotainment system screen is instead 8-inch, compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay also via wi-fi. For the interiors there are different upholstery, including with a combination of Alcantara and leather. There should be seven colors available: white, red, gray, silver, black and two shades of blue. Finally, as for the price, in the United States the GR86 will start at less than 30,000 dollars. In Italy the attack price should be between 30,000 and 35,000 euros.

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