Toyota GRMN Yaris, only 500 units for a very bad “rally replica”

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Toyota continues to tease sports car enthusiasts with the GRMN Yaris which was just unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show and obviously bears the signature of Toyota Gazoo Racing. The racing department of the Japanese giant will produce a limited series of 500 units – starting next summer – which will be even more extreme than the normal Yaris GR and which has been developed exclusively by professional drivers. Another very interesting aspect is that this very bad Yaris was directly commissioned by the president Akio Toyoda, who often and willingly wears the pilot suit and participates in some competitions under the pseudonym of Morizo. Among these, he took part in the Japanese Rally Championship, where he won the Rookie category with a GR Yaris.

But what is the spirit of this GRMN Yaris? In the meantime, we are not talking about power increases, but mass reductions and also a very particular attention to the driver. In fact, once the car is purchased, a development program is entered that follows the owner even after he has left the showroom and supports him if he wants to try his hand at motorsport. Specifically, this Yaris lost 20 kg – CFRP panels were used for the hood, roof and spoiler and then the rear seats were removed – and it stops at 1,285 kg, is wider and lower than 1 cm, has a stiffer frame – there are 545 more weld points and a structural adhesive that is 12 meters longer -, a mechanical LSD differential and a close ratio transmission with reinforced gears to withstand the heaviest use, both on the track and on the dirt road.

The 261 hp of the 1.6 3-cylinder turbo, therefore, become even more direct. As for the set-up, however, there are the Recaro front seats, the carbon fiber inserts on the roof and bonnet, a new aerodynamic kit consisting of rear spoiler, splitter and side skirts and 18-inch wheels signed BBS. The GRMN Yaris will be produced partially by hand on a dedicated line at the Motomachi plant. The 500 pieces planned for production will be awarded through a lottery, but exclusively on the Japanese market. The price will range between about 56,000 and about 65,000 euros depending on the set-up and specific choices.

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