Turin, on the roof of the Lingotto the “Pista 500” with roof garden: “Inauguration in September”

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A few more months, and the iconic “track on the roof” of the Lingotto in Turin will be unveiled in its new guise: a hanging garden “among the largest in the world”, as defined by a very proud Olivier François, CEO of the Fiat brand and cmo of Stellantis.

“I would have liked to inaugurate it on July 4 – said François – but as the architect Stefano Boeri, who is a friend as well as an urban regeneration specialist, also pointed out to me, plants need some time to grow and to adapt. So I think we will inaugurate around September 22, the day plus the day. And it will be beautiful “.

The project envisages the planting of 28,000 trees and plants, all local (“zero kilometer, clarified François) and all with a strong characteristic: that of helping to absorb polluting emissions. A path that other car manufacturers have already taken in different forms, and a gift that Fiat wanted to give to its city, returning a symbolic and unique work of its kind to the Turinese.

Stefano Boeri, Silvia Boccardi and Olivier François

To achieve it, funds usually destined for marketing were used, which in the era of the “green transition” of Stellantis and Fiat – the goal is to switch entirely to electricity between 2025 and 2030 – were redirected towards something more lasting and with a strong sustainable value, an ambitious conversion project signed by the architect Benedetto Camerana.

“This is my heart project, and it has a very strong symbolism – said the CEO of Fiat, who discussed with the architect Boeri the mix between urban environments and mobility and the need for a radical change in terms of pollution and sustainability – In fact, we make an area of ​​tradition totally industrial and polluting highly sustainable, a private property of Fiat that we return to the citizens of Turin, because access will be free and open to all. And then it is the symbol of the car, as well as a very beautiful historical place. People are used to talking about this track in the past, but with the roof garden we are totally aiming for the future ”.

Initially the track on the roof was supposed to be used for an event dedicated to the new electric 500, but the decision was to reinvest the money in a work “that will remain forever and that is for the whole community of Turin and beyond – concluded François – It will be a landmark, a very important tourist attraction and one of the strong symbols of Turin, a bit like the Mole Antonelliana ”.

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