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Air. Everywhere. The complete Ventouring jacket and trousers 3 Of Clover it is among the most ventilated on the market, thanks to a very large mesh surface. With a gem, compared to almost all competitors (and the previous version): the mesh fabric is also extended to the part around the collar. A solution that significantly improves air circulation, despite the safety classification (level one, instead of level two), precisely due to the proportion of mesh surfaces compared to those in fabric. And when the weather is cooler, the is ready waterproof jacket with light quilt to be worn over or under the perforated jacket. An intelligent solution, of great comfort and versatility.

Photo by Maurizio Bosio

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The line of the jacket is the one that distinguishes all the models of the Vicenza house, with a square cut that helps to make the posture of any person wearing it “martial”. The collar has a button closure, with the adjustable slider on a slide with four clicks. The tab also has a softer part at the throat, to make the fit better. The perforated part surrounds the neck, has an interruption in the upper part of the chest and continues with two “lungs” up to the waist, where they are placed two vertical loading pockets, closed with velcro flaps. Along the side, on both sides there is a zipper that conceals one pocket with mesh interior, which can be used to increase ventilation or to store objects that are not too large. On the back, the perforated part is interrupted by a strip of fabric at the height of the shoulder blades. Then, the design of the mesh resumes following the design of the back to the waist, where there is one good capacity horizontal pocket, vertically loaded and with velcro flap. The adjustment of the width of the chest is affiata to a slider for each side, for the volume at the waist there are two velcro tabs behind the pockets. The closure takes place via an exposed zip, covered only at the bottom by a small tab with velcro.

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The sleeves are in Duratek fabric on the outward side and in mesh for the innermost one, with forearm and bicep width adjustments. On the wrist, the closure is entrusted to a velcro flap. The jacket has protectors on shoulders and elbows, with a pocket to accommodate a “back protector” (optional), also of level 2.

Photo by Maurizio Bosio

Also the trousers have large perforated parts: around the groin, on the quadriceps and then on the back, from the mid-thigh to the end of the calves. The closure at the waist is with two vertical buttons, with the vertical zip that hides an internal gaiter to protect from the air. On the legs, the closure is entrusted to a zip (with gaiter) and velcro flap. At the waist, then, there are two Velcro tabs folded around a ring with ample adjustment spaces. On the hips, there are two pockets with 45 degree cut and zip closure. Comfort at high temperatures, however, pays a price in terms of aesthetics: the width of the mesh fabric surfaces makes the structure less rigid, which tends to a “sack effect”. As standard, Clover provides knee protectors, while those on the hips are optional.

Photo by Maurizio Bosio

For jacket and pants there is a waterproof interior / exterior with light padding, black with high visibility stripes on the shoulders and on the lower edge at the ankles. This solution allows you to shelter from the air and rain, but also to keep the body warm in cooler temperatures. The connection with the top is via two zippers on the chest and buttons in the sleeves, for the pants with a zipper at the waist and buttons in the leg.

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The test took place driving a Bmw 1250 GS, in city and country routes, but above all in a journey of 2300 kilometers between Turin and Procida (temperatures between 17 and 33 degrees) following the cyclists of the La Storia in association. bikes, who organized a ride to discover the places told by Dante Alighieri, precisely on the occasion of the 700th anniversary of the death of the Supreme Poet. Given the season and the temperatures, under the jacket I wore only a short-sleeved T-shirt or a long-sleeved Sixs with high breathability.

The Ventouring name was not chosen by chance: ventilation for the motorbike tourer is guaranteed. Even when the thermometer exceeds 30 degrees. And to allow excellent air circulation in the jacket was precisely the layer of mesh around the neck, where the fabric generally limits transpiration. Indeed, below 20 degrees you feel like (I confess, I did it, on the highway, but I did it) to tuck the waterproof-quilted part under the jacket. To testify that the ventilation is at the highest levels. For trousers, the situation is different: in general, the legs are less sensitive to the cold and this allows you to travel almost always without additional layers of protection. There ventilation is always highwith the air entering the front and enveloping the legs, cooling them before exiting the back.

Photo by Maurizio Bosio

There is little to say about the perforated suit: it just works. They deserve a separate discussion removable waterproof jacket and trousers. They can also be used separately. And here comes the second confession: on cooler evenings (in some nights, there were temperatures as high as 12 degrees) the jacket was useful, even worn only over a short-sleeved shirt. Travelling, Clover’s idea helps to cope with various situations. The temperature is not too low, but the coolness is annoying? Just slip the layer between the shirt and the jacket, in order to shelter from the air keeping the surface of the middle layer cool. Has the mercury dropped more than expected or is there a sudden storm and we don’t have a rain suit? Here are the jacket and pants ready to put on top of the clothing, in order to keep warm or to shelter from the water. To be picky, the only improvement Clover could make is in the protections on the arms: they are well shaped, but could be softer, considering that the jacket is almost always worn without an intermediate layer.

This versatility allows the complete Ventouring to be used also in autumn and springleaving only the winter uncovered, at least for many areas of Northern Italy.

Clover Ventouring 3

Jacket: € 279.99

Trousers: 219.99

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