Vespa and Justin Bibier collaborate for a special project

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The Piaggio Group has announced that the Vespa brand and Justin Bibier will collaborate together, with the common desire to have fun exploring creativity and celebrating style and design. This meeting between one of the greatest contemporary pop stars and the Italian brand does not come by chance: style and design are a constant source of inspiration for Justin Bibier, while Vespa has always been close to the world of music and young people. “My fans know how much I love sports: skateboarding, hockey, basketball, BMX. I have always been attracted to this mix of style, elegance and speed. I am thrilled to be able to reinterpret the iconic design. Vespa “said Justin Bieber about this collaboration.

For now, the Piaggio Group has not disclosed any other information regarding this new partnership, but has confirmed that the results will be presented next February. In any case, Vespa can boast a long tradition of collaboration with artists and designers but also, more recently, with major fashion brands. In 1962 Salvador Dalì wanted to decorate with his own hand the Vespa with which two young Spaniards were leaving for a tour from Madrid to Athens, a specimen that has become legendary, the dream of every collector and so precious that it is now kept in the Piaggio Museum in Pontedera. Renato Guttuso portrayed her in the famous painting “Gita in Vespa” of 1957, right in the boom years, when the Italian scooter made itself known all over the world, thanks also to cinema and films such as Roman Holiday with Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn.

More recently, big names such as Giorgio Armani and Christian Dior have customized the luxurious 946 model, directly inspired by the lines of the first Vespa, born immediately after the war. In 2019, American designer Sean Wotherspoon designed his very colorful version of Spring, a success also overseas and above all among the youngest fans of the designer. Vespa has always been close to the world of music as well, accompanying all the cultural and musical revolutions of the last decades starting from the turbulent and creative sixties, up to becoming the protagonist in musical films that have become cult for entire generations such as Quadrophenia, taken from the rock opera of the Who. , and Absolute Beginners with David Bowie and Patsy Kansit.

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