VinFast, the electric SUVs designed by Pininfarina make their debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show

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At the Los Angeles Auto Show 2021 – scheduled from 19 to 28 November – VinFast, the new Vietnamese brand of electric cars, will present two new battery-powered models, called VF e35 and VF e36 and designed by Pininfarina. The Turin atelier has worked to ensure that the cars express a modern stylistic language, made of soft curves, sharp lines and bold finishes.

A dynamic balance that gives the design power and forward movement. In addition, the interior is created with an eye on comfort, luxury and the driving experience. At the Los Angeles Auto Show 2021, the public will also be able to learn about “Smart Security”, the VinFast traffic and driver monitoring system (developed by VinAI and Routix), advanced driving assistance systems based on artificial intelligence and verification services. of autonomous driving developed by Vantix.

“VinFast believes in ‘The Future of Mobility’, a future where intelligent vehicles are highly customized ‘technologies for life’ that combine eco-friendliness with maximum safety and exceptional driving experiences,” he explains in a statement. Official Michael Lohscheller, VinFast Global CEO: “The Los Angeles Auto Show is one of the most influential auto shows in the world. He is also known as a pioneer in his support for the adoption of electric vehicles. And to consumer education. Therefore, VinFast sees the show as a perfect stage to demonstrate its commitment to promoting the global trend of green transport. And encourage electrification ”.

VinFast, the European plans of the Vietnamese car start-up presented in Turin

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