Vintage cars and motorbikes in Padua, inaugural day for the 2021 edition

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The 2021 edition of vintage cars and motorbikes in Padua opens its doors and is confirmed as the largest European event dedicated to historic cars. The appeal is very strong both for enthusiasts and for collectors and operators in the sector, so much so that every exhibition space has been sold out. Classic vehicles will be protagonists at the Padua Fair from today until Sunday 24 October, on an area of ​​115,000 square meters, divided into eleven pavilions and with over one thousand six hundred exhibitors. there are over five thousand cars, the official presence of various brands and four thematic exhibitions. It starts with Italy that wins races, dedicated to the Italian brands that have marked the history of competitions both in the world of cars and in the world of motorcycles.

It is made in partnership with the Mauto of Turin and with the Veloce Classic Collection of London: among the cars on display there are the Lancia-Ferrari D50 which won the 1956 world championship with Juan Manuel Fangio and the Maserati mod. 26B from 1928, the second racing car built by the Maserati brothers in the Bologna workshops. For motorbikes there is the 1956 Gilera 500 4-cylinder GP which won six world championships between 1950 and 1957. In the Asi Village of the Historic Italian Automotoclub there is the Bertone Universe exhibition: with the exception of the Lamborghini Miura S 1967, mass-produced, are all unique models and concept cars, including the 1972 Citroën Camargue, the 1976 Ferrari Rainbow, the 1984 Chevrolet Ramarro, the 1992 Bertone Bliz, the 2004 Aston Martin Jet2 and the 2011 Jaguar B99.

Aci Storico celebrates the golden age of Superturism with Alessandro Nannini’s 1992 Alfa GTA and Roberto Ravaglia’s 1992 BMW M3, but also with the Lancia Endurance exhibition featuring three Macaluso Foundation cars: the Beta Montecarlo, the LC1 and the LC2. In addition, ten Moto Guzzis are exhibited, each for each decade of Aquila’s history: the Sport 500 produced between 1924 and 1928, the Motoleggera 65 Guzzino (1946-1954), the popular Galletto 160/175/192 (1950-1966 ), the spirited V7 Sport 750 (1971-1974) up to the MGX-21 1400 (2016-2019). Another focus is dedicated to restomods and alternative propulsions. In this regard, Stellantis and Mercedes Benz present the roots of their electrification path and the latest models.

Stellantis recounts fifty years of research into the New 500 Red, starting with the 1974 Fiat X1 / 23 concept car, one of the first examples of an electric city car: a small two-seater minivan, with a maximum speed of 75km / h and a autonomy of 70 km. Mercedes-Benz exhibits the pioneer 190 E Elektro, a prototype with an electric motor for each of the two rear wheels, presented in Hanover in the 1990s. At the other end of the evolution is the fledgling 100% electric EQS ​​flagship. Finally, many clubs and historical registers exhibiting their jewels, such as the Alfa Romeo 6C 2300 L Mille Miglia, the first Superleggera ever, and the centuries-old Lancia Lambda, the first modern car in history.

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