Volkswagen ID.5, the electric SUV is also a coupe

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Could the “Suv-coupé” cut be missing from Volkswagen’s 100% electric offer? Rhetorical question. Hence, the curtain rises on the new ID.5, which takes up the technical approach of the ID.4 – it therefore inherits the “Meb” platform, specially designed for battery-powered cars – and enhances its ambitions, reinforcing them with the dowry of sportsmanship. At least this is what that sloping roof and the rear spoiler that the car is equipped with, ready for its commercial debut in March 2022, would like to convey.

And to emphasize the concept that even an electric car can be athletic, there is also the GTX version, for an extra dose of testosterone. 4.6 meters long, the ID.5 boasts a generous wheelbase of 277 cm: the compactness of the electrical mechanics ensures generous internal space in relation to the external measurements. Load capacity? It fluctuates between 549 and 1,561 liters depending on whether the rear seat backrest is in position or not.

Consistent with the concept that the first impression is what counts, in the first instance the car will arrive in the dealerships precisely in GTX preparation: it means that under the bodywork there will be two electric motors, four-wheel drive and 299 horsepower, which translated on the speedometer give a 0 -100 km / h from 6.3 seconds and a top speed of 180 km / h (self-limited). Subsequently it will be the turn of the more democratic editions, with 174 and 204 HP.

Inside, the aesthetic figure is that of digitized minimalism: the controls are predominantly recalled by the 12 ”touchscreen positioned in the center of the dashboard, while the analogue instrumentation leaves room for a 5.3” LCD panel. As an option, the head-up display which projects the main driving and navigation information onto the windscreen, in the driver’s field of vision. For all versions there is a 77 kWh capacity battery, which ensures an autonomy between 480 and 520 km: it is compatible with the 135 kW rapid columns, which allow you to restore 390 km of range in half about an hour. Prices to be defined but, by way of reference, those of the sister ID.4 start at 43,800 euros.

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