Volkswagen presents the “Accelerate” plan

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«Electric mobility is only the beginning: the real change is yet to come. With our ‘ACCELERATE’ strategy we will increase the pace of the race towards the future. In the next few years, we will change Volkswagen like never before ». It is with these words that Ralf Brandstätter, CEO of Volkswagen, introduces the new face of the German manufacturer, which wants to accelerate its transformation from a traditional manufacturer to a provider of mobility based on the software integrated in the cars.

VW wants to invest in three operational pillars: digitization, new business models and autonomous driving. The latter, according to VW, could become accessible to all customers as early as 2030. Furthermore, new business models based on big data will generate new sources of profit. Of course all this will go hand in hand with the electrification program of the range: for the Wolfsburg-based manufacturer, by 2030 the sales volumes of 100% electric cars will account for over 70% in Europe (double the 35% expected so far) and for over 50% in the USA and China. While the Teutonic giant VW confirms to investors its desire to achieve an operating profit on sales of at least 6% from 2023, with fixed and material costs further reduced to the benefit of profitability. An ambitious plan, therefore, in which brand value, scalable platforms and business value will play a fundamental role in achieving the set goals.

VW is already developing a digital ecosystem with the ID range. 100% electric: the target is to provide over-the-air updates every 12 weeks starting from summer 2021; a little in the wake of what Tesla does with its own models.

“Volkswagen aims to generate additional sources of profit over the life cycle of the car, through charging and energy services, through software-based functions that customers can request as needed or through autonomous driving,” reads a statement. official. In other words, the car’s on-board system can be enhanced with new functions and services on request, a bit like the apps that are installed on smartphones and tablets. So much so that the brand will rationalize its offer to reduce its complexity: the individual configuration will no longer concern the car’s hardware when you buy it, but the additional functions you want.

Accelerator leveled on battery-powered mobility as well: Volkswagen will launch at least one new 100% electric model a year. The all-wheel drive ID.4 GTX will debut in the first half of 2021, followed by the sports ID.5 in the second half of the year. And a plan is also planned for the construction of an electric car of a lower segment than the ID.3, with a starting price of around 20,000 euros: it should debut in 2025. Does this mean the end of thermal engines? Not at all: the offer of internal combustion models will be further developed in parallel with the acceleration of the electric strategy. It means that fundamental models such as Golf, Tiguan, Passat and T-Roc, will have a successor.

“We will still need combustion engines for some time, but they will need to be as efficient as possible, so the next generation of our key models, all global cars, will also be available with the most advanced plug-in hybrid technology. , capable of up to 100 km of electric range, “explains Brandstätter:” Volkswagen will experience a profound change. We will become synonymous not only with sustainable electric mobility, but also with fascinating digital experiences, new business models and autonomous driving for many. We have built a strong foundation for all of this over the past few years. Now we will give digitalization a further boost ».

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