Volvo will only sell electric cars from 2030, and only online

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The CEO Samuelsson had anticipated it during some interviews, but now the official confirmation arrives: “Volvo Cars will be electric only by 2030”, as stated in the press release released this morning. By 2025 half of global sales will be plug-in hybrids, says Volvo, and by 2030 the brand will offer exclusively electric models and “will phase out any car with an internal combustion engine, including hybrid models, from its global portfolio.” A very similar announcement has been made in the past few weeks since Ford (limited to Europe) and from Jaguar (already starting from 2025).

The Volvo brand has already started electrification of the entire range – many plug-in hybrid versions and electric XC40 Recharge – but now the strategy undergoes a sharp acceleration “driven by the strong demand for its electrified cars recorded in recent years and by the firm belief that the market for cars with combustion engines is shrinking “. Volvo, owned by the Chinese company Geely, is predicting that customer tastes will evolve quickly in the coming years thanks to the rapid expansion of the charging infrastructure.

Sales only online

The change announced today does not only concern the product but also its sale: all electric models will only be purchased online. “Volvo Cars’ new business strategy includes a strong investment in its online sales channels, a significant reduction in the complexity of its product offering and transparent and predefined prices”Says the company.

According to Volvo, the digital shift should “intend to build stronger relationships with customers, together with its retail partners”, ie dealerswho “will take care, as now, of a series of important services such as the preparation, delivery and maintenance of the cars”.

By purchasing an electric Volvo online, the customer will have access to a package of services, called “Care by Volvo”, which includes assistance, warranty, breakdown assistance, insurance and home charging solutions.

“To continue to be successful, we need profitable growth. So instead of investing in a declining business, we have chosen to invest in the future, both electric and online, “says CEO Håkan Samuelsson.” We are focusing our efforts on becoming a leader in the fast-growing luxury electric segment. “

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