With the New Abarth 500e, the Scorpion puts the plug

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“More Abarth than ever”: this is the ambitious (and revolutionary) challenge that launches the first model on the Scorpion’s spine. An electric car after 73 years of pure adrenaline, roaring horses and open bonnets to let the engine breathe. “This is Abarth, but we haven’t smoked our brains out. The New 500e is a true Abarth, the most performing ever, a milestone for the future,” says Olivier François, CEO of the brand (and of Fiat). In order not to erase tradition, even the all-green new entry roars: just press a button and the Sound Generator gives unsuspected emotions with its electronic voice.

“But what matters most – underlines François – are the performances. And the founder Carlo Abarth would be proud of this car. It is the most performing and fun ever. All the results indicate better values ​​than its sisters with internal combustion engines. And ‘ the miracle of electrification”. The 42 kWh battery (the same as in the New 500 Fiat) coupled to an electric motor guarantees 155 HP (113.7 kW) which allow you to sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in just 7 seconds. The electric architecture performs better than the petrol one (it should be remembered that the most powerful of the Fiat 500e develops 118 bhp) thanks to better weight distribution, better torque and a longer wheelbase. Thus the new Abarth is, compared to the 695, 1 second faster in urban recovery (it accelerates 50% faster from 20 to 40 km/h); it is also faster in extra-urban sections, for example on hairpin bends, where from 40 to 60 km/h it reaches 15 meters behind its petrol-powered sister which reaches 60 km/h one second later. Same results when overtaking on the open road.

While awaiting approval, there is no official zero-emission range figure, but the goal is to exceed 250 km. Three driving modes, Turismo, Scorpion Track and Scorpion Street (the latter allows you to drive using only the accelerator pedal). The 85 kW quick charge allows you to recover 80% of the autonomy in 35 minutes. Compared to the Fiat 500e, the weight has increased by 40 kg, and compared to the thermal sisters by 250. In common with the Fiat Nuova 500 there is obviously the production line, at Mirafiori, which has a total capacity of 90,000 cars a year .

The Abarth 500e will arrive at dealerships in June 2023 and can already be ordered in the “Scorpionissima” limited launch edition (1,949 units in honor of the year it was founded, with Acid Green or Poison Blue colored bodywork) for 43,000 euros. Meanwhile, the Abarth brand also made its debut in Brazil by launching the Pulse compact SUV, which however cannot be exported to Europe due to the various approval standards.

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