With the Vision 7S Skoda ushers in a new era of design

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Skoda enters a new era and does so not only by presenting a new concept that exemplifies the next address of design, but also by showing the new identity of the brand and the new logo. “The Vision 7S concept is a clear preview of a Skoda model that will enter the top of the product range. In addition, we are accelerating electrification: by 2026 we will launch three new all-electric models and more are already in the pipeline. This will allow us to take a leading position during the decade of transformation. Over the next five years, we will invest a total of 5.6 billion euros in electric mobility and another 700 million in digitalization, in order to guarantee the company’s future profitability and jobs, ”said Klaus Zellmer, CEO of Skoda.

The new identity of the Skoda is calibrated to the imminent electric future and intends to “place Skoda with greater emphasis over its external competitors, at the same time distinguishing ourselves, even more clearly, from the other brands of the Volkswagen Group. This is also the goal of the new design language, which is to take the brand to the next level, aligning it with the new needs and expectations of customers ”added Martin Jahn, Member of the Skoda Board for Sales and Marketing. Regarding the three new electric models arriving by 2026, they will be a compact, a medium-sized SUV and a seven-seater dedicated to families. Precisely the latter is anticipated by the Vision 7S, which has an autonomy of over 600 km thanks to the 89 kWh battery and supports charging up to 200 kW of power.

In the medium term, Skoda aims to reach a share of fully electric models in Europe in excess of 70% by 2030. In this phase of transition towards electric, the new generations of Superb and Kodiaq will arrive in mid-2023 and the new Octavia in 2024. In these cars we will already see some elements of the new design language which is defined by sharp lines and will have a new front renamed Tech-Deck Face. Finally, the new logo of the brand will no longer use sculptural 3D graphics and the Corporate Identity has also undergone a substantial revision; in terms of color, Skoda will use two different shades of green: Emerald and Verde Elettrico, which represent ecology, sustainability and electric mobility.

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