Zeltini Z-Triton, the amphibious pedal tricycle caravan from Latvia

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Unusual. Intriguing. Unconventional. The latest news in the field of outdoor tourism for true lovers of the environment and lovers of sustainability comes from Latvia. It was invented by Aigars Lauzis, a landscape architect who has worked in several metropolises in London, Istanbul, Shanghai and Singapore and who founded a start-up, Zeltini.

The unprecedented vehicle, which certainly does not go unnoticed, is called Z-Triton and is an amphibious caravan with pedals supported by batteries that guarantee an autonomy of up to 50 kilometers on the road and up to 20 in water (lakes or rivers, but no sea), with a maximum speed of almost 3 knots.

To book one, which costs 14,500 euros, several more than the 7-9,000 initially estimated, 100 euros are enough. In just 5 minutes, the Z-Triton transforms from a land tricycle powered by a 2 Hp electric unit to a floating hull powered by a 1.56 Hp zero emission engine. The front wheel must be raised above the surface of the water and the two side wheels must be folded by inflating and applying the stabilizers. To take over the controls you need to move to the rear of the tricycle, where the rudder is located, naturally removable and in the shape of a “Z”, which becomes the bow of the amphibian. In case of bad weather there is also a wiper, which is manual.

After having removed the seats, (still) particularly affectionate couples can afford the luxury of staying the night lulled by the movement of the water if they can get enough of a bed 200 centimeters long, but just 85 centimeters wide. Depending on the situation, if the batteries are flat either pedal or row.

Zeltini Z-Triton, the amphibious pedal tricycle caravan from Latvia

Sustainability and functionality have animated the Latvian designer, who has focused on materials such as plywood, elements in hemp fiber (the Hemp Body Car of 1937, more famous as Ford Cannabis, made school) and bioplastics for the realization of the Z-Triton . That on the sliding roof, “decorated” with a plant that is not too aerodynamic, but useful when cooking, Lauzis lets you know, has nine photovoltaic panels to provide some energy, for example for the USB socket or for artificial lighting.

The spaces are what they are and even the set-up is rather spartan, but the goal is above all to be able to move freely anywhere without having to worry about where to lodge the luggage, to assemble and disassemble the tent and to wade through courses or mirrors. water. The Z-Triton is more than just a vehicle – it’s a lifestyle. Even just for the spaces and for the absolute flexibility it requires, a “healthy” approach is almost indispensable. It is no coincidence that Lauzis, someone who has covered 31,000 kilometers by bicycle in 4 years, also going from London to Tokyo, does not have a trace of fat.

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